Thursday, 13 March 2014

GMCC News 5 - Spring2014

Apologies for another late newsletter. This time the newsletter was delayed for the outcomes of the GMCC AGM and some promised content that never arrived.

This newsletter has been squeezed into only 8 pages to save costs as we are spending more money than we are getting in with membership fees.

We are thinking about moving towards an electronic newsletter with a much smaller print run, but that will involve a redesign of the newsletter and an overhaul of the moribund GMCC web site.

This newsletter features an even bigger calendar of cycling events from Love Your Bike and lots of great contributions from GMCC members and others.

If you would like to contribute to the next newsletter then please send text and images to along with your name and a short byline introducing yourself.

The deadlines for submitting copy for the 2014 newsletters will now have to be earlier in the month so that we can get the newsletters out in time for important events like Bike Week in June. The newsletter deadlines will now be the first weekend of the month, as follows:-

Summer 2014: Sunday 4th May (for Bike Week)

Autumn 2014: Sunday 3rd August

Winter 2014: Sunday 2nd November

If you like to receive the paper copy of this newsletter, then join GMCC - it's currently free for the first year, so there is no reason not to and you can receive a full resolution copy of the newsletter in the post.

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