Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bollard Damaged - Middlewood Street

It has taken less than 3 days for the plastic bollard on Middlewood Street to have been damaged.

The retro-reflective circle facing the oncoming traffic has gone and the bollard is heavilly marked.

You have to wonder whether it will last through to the end of the week.

This was how it looked, all shiny and new on Friday morning.

Will Salford council waste yet more time and money replacing it?


  1. What would you like them to do?

  2. Put in proper infrastructure - do it properly first time rather than wasting time and money on something that obviously isn't going to work or provide the protection required. Look at what the Dutch have spent forty years perfecting rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.

  3. "Put in proper infrastructure"

    I agree but I want it now & I want a network not a series of unconnected one offs.

    Relatively speaking dutch infrastructure segregated from the road by a kerb "costs a lot of money" (I know it doesn't when compared to building a road or putting in a new junction or making it 'shared space' but it is still measured in the hundreds of thousands of £'s/km) and takes weeks to complete.

    Armadillos are cheap, quick (and a little bit nasty) but they can work.

    Sevilla went from 0.5% modal share to 7% in three years by installing 130 miles of cycle infrastructure over the same period. That would be impossible with proper dutch infrastructure. By getting those numbers cycling, now when they want to spend money upgrading the facilities to the full dutch there is public support.

    However, installing Armadillos on one road isn't going to encourage people out of their cars. IMHO the biggest barrier to substantial increases in modal share isn't the type of physical segregation per se but the pervasiveness & continuity of it, you have to be able to go from door to door by a direct convenient route and preferably more direct & convenient than by car.

    I'd be interested to know what the council's KPI's were for the road and if it is successful, do they intend to roll it out beyond this location.