Irwell River Park

Irwell River Park is (or perhaps was) a grand scheme to turn the Irwell River banks into a linear park.

The web site for the scheme has now gone so the links to the maps on these posts have now failed.

Some information can still be found at

Irwell River Park: Part 1 - River Park Quays

Irwell River Park: Part 2 - River Park Central

Irwell River Park: Part 3 - River Park City This post is a year old and parts of the route have been heavilly developed since then.

Irwell River Park: Part 4 - River Park Meadows

Irwell River Path Map - MOSI to MediaCity

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  1. I know the original site has gone and I don't know if the project was halted but I believe the following brochure may help explain to people what the plans were now the images have gone: