Monday 19 November 2018

Chorlton Cycleway Consultation

The public consultation Manchester City Council's proposed Chorlton Cycleway is now open and will close on the 11th January 2019.

Comments can be made via the link on the webpage.

Friday 16 November 2018

Chorlton Cycle Way plans preview

Concept plans for the new Chorlton cycle route have been released to the local press and were featured on local TV this morning.

The key feature from the images in the MEN is that the junctions appear to include separate cycle phases at the traffic lights. This is a huge improvement over the Oxford Road corridor where the junctions are dangerous.

Sunday 23 September 2018

TfGM City Centre Survey

Another poorly publicised TfGM transport survey - this time about the city centre.

Time to ban the motor vehicles...!

Survey closes 17th October 2018.

Sunday 5 August 2018

Ellenbrook Loopline

The Ellenbrook Loopline is a short 1.4km rail path from the Leigh Guided Busway at Newearth Road to the Roe Green Loopline, east of Parsonage Road. There has been a path of sorts here for some time, but it never seemed worth a post as it was in very poor condition and was blocked at the western end. However, Salford council upgraded the path last year and the path now makes a useful and usable link.

The entrance off the busway path is well signposted and marked with clear signage, though it is debatable as to how long these will last, given that some have been vandalised elsewhere.

There is a token barrier as you join the path, but nothing too difficult for a bike and trailer or trike.

The first striking thing you notice when you join the path is the surface, it's fantastic!

Compared to the grit strewn, noisy, uneven busway path this is a delight. It is 50% recycled tyres and so quiet. It is also slightly soft and very grippy, so far, far safer than the dreadful surfaces covered in grit. It also has a well laid, even finish and looks like it is porous, so water can drain through it.

This should set the standard for all new rural cycle routes!

The route starts on the old railway route,

but drops off the line of the railway on the approach to Mather Fold Road.

Here there is a bit of a diversion round the gates close to the old Valve House - left of the photo below.

Again there are barriers, but not too much of a problem.

Then back up onto the railway route.

However at Hilton Lane there is a missing bridge, so the path drops quite sharply to road level.

A somewhat odd combination cycle/pedestrian crossing doesn't feel particularly safe and not sure about it's legal status...

On the other side of the road the gradient is really steep. According to the plans this shouldn't be any steeper than 1 in 12, but with a sharp corner half way up it's a bottom gear climb or get off and push, with steps for walkers.

Next the bridge takes the path under the railway,

and then opens out for a short while before closing in again

and curving round to the left to join the Roe Green Loopline.

The entrance at this end is marked by another of the large rectangular sign.

The upgrade has turned a difficult muddy route into a useful short link with a fantastic surface. It's so quiet you can enjoy the sound of the birds as you cycle along.

Saturday 2 June 2018

A couple of ideas from Edinburgh...

I came across a couple of nice ideas from a recent visit to Edinburgh.

The first is some driver awareness education around advance cycle boxes.

Whilst I remain skeptical about the effectiveness of such measures the general effect of making drivers aware of cycle infrastructure is probably a good thing.

The second think I came across was a smart, well designed little booklet advertising the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

The festival includes a really wide range of events covering more than two weeks.

It also has a really good web site.

It would be good to see something of this scale in Greater Manchester...

Sunday 13 May 2018

More restrictions on cycling at Mediacity?

TfGM have put up new maps of the diversions around the tram works in Trafford. At first glance they might be seen as useful information, but a closer look reveals that they have included a cyclists dismount restriction on BOTH bridges across the ship canal.

Detailed map - Wider area map

Anti-cycling notices were posted on the swing bridge in August 2016, exactly 5 years after the place opened - probably to do with the time a developer has to wait before they can ask for their section 106 commitments to be removed.

However, no notices have appeared on the lifting bridge... YET!

TfGM and Peel are in the process of creating a bicycle user group - controlled by the two organisations and these maps are perhaps the first evidence that they may be trying to further restrict cycling on the site?

Manchester City Centre Road - Cyclists Dismount...

New anti-cycling signs have appeared in the city centre - this time on a road.

Yes, it seems that Manchester City Council are quite happy to have people drive along this road, but won't tolerate cycling!

The signs are on both sides of the road.

They are on the Hardman Street, at the junction with Deansgate.

Strangely, there are no similar signs at the other end of the road...

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Segregation - by wooden fence?

This small section of cycle track has been closed for months whilst contractors have been digging holes for some reason. Now the workforce has departed a wooden fence has appeared between the cycle track and the pavement.

Strangely a further fence has been built to block the route and force cycles into the road - a dual carriageway with heavy traffic. Notice how the cycle track has not been resurfaced at its original level.

So why on earth are these fences here? Are they a new infrastructure experiment or some idiotic idea hatched up by a rogue council officer or contractors trying to cut corners?

Or could this be a land ownership issue?

Answers on a postcard please...

Saturday 24 March 2018

Oxford Street Lorry Park

Today some minor roadworks were taking place in Oxford Street.

The signage directs cycles onto the pavement against council guidelines.

The work was not blocking the cycle way, but their lorry was.

What's the point of segregated cycle tracks when they are abused like this?

Monday 29 January 2018

Salford Cycle Forum

Salford Cycle Forum

1st February 2018, 6.00pm, Swinton Town Hall


1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Action sheet from the last meeting
3. Matters arising
4. Design principles for traffic free routes (Catriona Swanson)
5. Park and Cycle Pilot project (Rose Featherby)
6. City centre cycle connections (/Peter O’Hare/TfGM)
7. Mobike update (Pavol Gajdos)
8. Key Cycle Network Study (Rose Featherby)
9. Cycle forum future – discussion (Andy Salmon)
10. AOB
11. Future Meeting Dates – 3rd or 10th May 2018