Monday 30 April 2012

Irwell River Park - closure removed

After two months of closure the link between Trafford Wharf Road and the dock side path has finally reopened.

A token area has remained fenced off, but it doesn't obstruct the path.

Further along the new garden/crazy golf area is nearly finished, so hopefully this fencing will go soon too.

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Hopefully we will now see far fewer motor vehicles being driven along here than we have of late.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Princes Bridge - another film crew...

Princes Bridge is playing camp site for yet another film crew.

In the past the crews have gone to great lengths to close the road, blocking it for cyclists and other road users. Following several complaints, accompanied by evidence of the road closure and vehicles being driven on whatever remained of the pavement, the latest crew have behaved somewhat more responsibly, leaving the road (mostly) open and only parking the caravans and catering on one side of the road.

However, one van driver still seems to be quite happy to drive over the cycle tracks onto the pavement on the Salford side.

This van only turns up when the film crews are around.

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Sunday 8 April 2012

Victoria Street Update

There have been some improvements in Victoria street.

The Cyclists Dismount signs have gone, along with the temporary lights behind the ASL box.

There is now a bollarded cut through into the area by the Cathedral.

However at the bottom end, whilst the sign has gone, there is no gap in the barriers, so bikes still end up on the pavement.