Friday 14 March 2014

Armadillos, Cones and now Bollards!

Salford Council have continued to add additional protection to the armadillo trial on Middlewood Street and Liverpool Street.

This morning I discovered that the cones in Middlewood street have been removed, and in their place is a single plastic bollard.

It is a rather wonky specimen, easily bent by hand,

it wouldn't stand up to being hit by a motor vehicle.

Also, the two cones which were marking the cycle lane further up the slope have been removed.

Further along in Liverpool Street another black, plastic bollard has been installed.

This one looked a little more upright,

but it is in the wrong place to protect the last few armadillos, which were the first to fail last time.

I wonder how long those bollards will remain standing?

If the bollards prove to be more long lasting, then we may conclude that the bollards should be installed in place of the armadillos. If however they both fail again then it clearly sends out the message that plastic of any shape is no protection against motor vehicles.

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