Tuesday 16 August 2011

Locked Gates Again - Irwell River Path

The gates on the Irwell River Path were locked all day today.

This time it was just the set under the Trafford Road bridge, but inconvenient and anoying all the same.

Around a quarter to nine this morning...

and quarter past six this evening.

I have been informed that Quaywatch manage the gated access along the Ordsall stretch on behalf of Salford City Council.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

MOSI's cycle collection

I've dropped into MOSI a few times over the last couple of months hoping to have a look at their cycle collection.

Unfortunately it has been exiled to an upper floor and kept out of reach to the public.

Sunday 7 August 2011

Irwell River Park: Part 2 - River Park Central

I am becoming very fond of this path, despite its locked gates.

It does not have a single access barrier, there is lots of bird life (at least three herons), the rowers are often out in the morning and the path users often share a friendly greeting.

Strangely, whilst cycling on this path is being actively encouraged, it does not appear on any of the local authority cycling maps.

It starts in a rather unpromising car park by Trafford road bridge, close to the missing Clippers Quays Bridge.

Once under the double bridge the path turns gently left,

goes under the tram line,

and after a couple of blind corners and some interesting ironwork

becomes pleasantly tree-lined.

There's been work going on to make improvements recently. This is the recently refurbished Ordsall Anglers' fishing platform.

Meanwhile the nearby "community artwork" artwork changes on a daily basis.

Then the path narrows a bit more and gets a bit bumpy, with stone sets and a couple of small arches, but despite it causing me to buy a sprung saddle, it should still be fine for a trike or a bike trailer.

Under the Woden Street Footbridge.

Then the one vulnerable moment, with no guardrails and an uneven surface under the Regent Road Bridge

and the one major obstacle, the arch over the entrance to the Wilburn Street Basin.

The view of the basin from the top of the arch.

And finally under Trinity Way, then fork left to cross the river over Prince's Bridge.

If you use this route and have any comments about it then email tim.hewitt[at]salford.gov.uk and let him know. Tim is a Development Manager at Salford City Council and is working on the development of path. He is very keen to see more people use the river path.

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