Sunday 4 December 2016

Oxford Street Southbound - Useless!

I am beginning to think we should call this sort of thing "flagshit infrastructure"

Why on earth is there no kerb separating the cycle track from the parking spaces?

This idiot had no idea what he was doing and didn't care...

Yes this is a cycle track...

Further south it becomes a slalom - this is just dreadful.

Somehow I wish the traffic engineers had thought cyclist!


Bridgewater Way Ice Update

It seems my various emails to TfGM and others about the ice on the Bridgewater Way payed off.

By the time it had warmed up enough for me to use the route again on the Friday there were clear signs that an extensive salting had been carried out.

In the exchange of emails that went round I was given the following contact information for the maintenance of the Bridgewater Way:-

By email to -

Telephone - 0161 629 8200 between 2pm and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Emergency Telephone - out of office hours 0161 877 3628

Please note only emergency calls will be dealt with on this number.

Write to - The Bridgewater Canal Company Limited, Peel Dome, intu Trafford Centre, TRaffordCITY Manchester M17 8PL, UK

Though I would copy any emails to TfGM's cycling team, so they know what's going on...