Thursday 23 September 2010

Fairfield Street pavement

This one is pretty mad - it is neither a pavement or a road, but something in between.

It starts with no sign to introduce it, but segregated from the pavement and the pub with a barrier.

It then crosses several side roads...

with no protection from crossing vehicles

and a pretty poor surface

including drain gratings

eventually ending in an advanced stop lane.

Now that the road had been nicely resurfaced, the road is far safer and more pleasant.

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CYCLISTS DISMOUNT - never a good sign

Labour party conference preparations began with the worst of all road signs...

This one is in St Peter's Square, where the ring of steel is being built.

I long for the day when I see a sign saying "DRIVERS GET OUT AND WALK"

Update - one day later...

The dismount sign has been replaced with something more appropriate :)