Saturday 27 November 2010

Too Short...

Just along from the height limit in Grosvenor Street is this ridiculously short section of pavement cycle path.

There is no way you could fit a bicycle in that.

It is of course one of those stupid sets of markings that only a bureaucrat could design as it achieves nothing for the path user whilst covering the designer's back...

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Height Limit....

The idea of a height limit sign on a cycle path amuses me for some reason,

perhaps it's the thought that the cycling officer who designed it owned a tall bike?

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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Another Bad Sign - Princess Street Roadworks

What utter crap!

If anything there should be a sign saying Cycle Lane suspended, but that's if someone bothered to get out the traffic order suspending the mandatory cycle lane...

Update 27/11/2010

The roadworks have cleared and this junction is back to three lanes + mandatory cycle lane.