Wednesday 15 November 2017

Village Circle Roundabout & Sir Alex Fergusion Way - Trafford

I've been seeing reports from people who cycle through the tram works at Village Circle Roundabout and Sir Alex Fergusion Way in Trafford that the area is now very dangerous for people walking and cycling.

People have reported that the traffic lights have not been working for several weeks and there has been at least one pedestrian has been knocked over and injured and driver behavior is pretty dreadful. The issue is going to be raised at Trafford Cycle Forum and complaints have been sent to TfGM and Trafford council.

I have also seen dreadful behavior by contractors in the area, parking and driving on cycle tracks and pavements is a daily occurrence.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Manchester's Flagship Cycleway?

I don't think I've ever been along Oxford Road on a bike without having to swerve into the road to avoid taxis, roadworks or other obstructions.

The taxi drivers block it all the time.

This is also a common occurrence.

The roadworks never seem to stop.

When combined with taxis it makes the cycle way almost pointless.

Parking on Cycle Facilities

It's an everyday occurrence...

They really don't give a shit do they...

Even if the road markings say "KEEP CLEAR"!

And when there is plenty of space on the road...

Even better when the cycle track has just been fenced off!

But that doesn't matter to most drivers...

Even when it's dark.

Just imagine what would happen if you blocked the roadway with a bicycle.

Well, you don't need to imagine - just watch this!

More here.

Saturday 2 September 2017

Oxford Road, it's better than nothing, but nothing like Amsterdam!

It's better than nothing, but nothing like Amsterdam!

Notice the lack of junction treatment, no protection from vehicles turning left across the cycle route. In Amsterdam cycles get a separate phase at traffic lights.

Meantime the bus stops are over complicated, with pointless solar powered led lights, rumble strips and give way signs that were added later. Money spent on blaming people cycling whilst ignoring the real dangers at the junctions.

But the real problems on this route are the drivers using the cycle route as a parking place, normally it's private hire cars, but this time it was rather different...

Oxford Road going south

Oxford Road going north

When they put in half decent cycle routes in Manchester it's not long before they are closed by building works...

Thursday 31 August 2017

How will this turn out?

We've had promises before - the outcomes have mostly been pretty dreadful.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why has there been 14 months of inaction on the Irwell Towpath in Ordsall?

Has my ranting and raving on Twitter finally forced some action on the Irwell Towpath?

This path has been closed since December 2015

This morning was the first time in 14 months I have seen work being carried out on the path.

Rubble was being lifted into the area of the collapsed path and raked into position.

On returning this evening it was clear that this was not a long term repair of the towpath but a short term cludge.

Bags of rocks have been placed in the river to provide an outer edge and rubble has been put in between the bags and the remaining path to build the area up towards path level.

The fact that this is a short term measure begs the question as to why it has take over 14 months to get this far?