Sunday, 8 February 2015

Great Bridgewater Street Cycle Lanes

Not really sure what is going on here. This looks like somebody spending the LSTF money because they haven't been able to sort out a safe design for the Deansgate junction.Alternatively I could spin it as a campaigning victory... See part way down this post where I insist on 2m wide cycle lanes but on second thoughts I'd rather not.

On the short (less than 100m) section of Great Bridgewater Street between Deansgate and Watson Street new cycle lanes have appeared over the past couple of weeks.

They could be claimed to be 2m wide, but only if you include the gutter and the thickness of the white line. Unfortunately the north side is only single yellow lines, so this will get blocked by parked cars in the evenings.

On the south side there is also a parking bay on the inside of the cycle lane.

And of course these are only advisory cycle lanes so there is no chance of any driver getting done for driving in them..

All in all one has to wonder why this piece of tokenism has been rolled out now...

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