Sunday 19 October 2014

Bolton's Non-Existent Cycle Route

Just north of the boundary between Bolton and Salford the cycle map for Bolton shows a cycle route on the north side of the M61 between Buckley Lane and Worsley Road.

This cycle route does not exist, and never has done. It is a fantasy dreamed up by somebody at Bolton Council or TfGM.

This is the thick woodland at the western end, no sign of a path here.

At the eastern end the alleged path goes straight on from here into the thick woodland.

If you look along the motorway you can see that this woodland is very thick and runs all along the north side of the motorway.


There is no cycle path here,  whatever Bolton or TfGM might think.

This may be yet another case of council officers believing that we can all cycle through trees.


  1. It doesn't take very long to spot the lack of quality control on the cycle map, at least this end of town. My favourite is the way the Irwell disappears and reappears on it's way to Bury...

  2. On the plus side, this route is finally gone from the newly updated map. Although this map now brings its own issues with it too.