Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ashton Canal Towpath Closures

According to the TfGM web site there will be temporary closures along the Ashton Canal Towpath.
Ashton Canal Cycleway – From late January, sections of the towpath will be closed whilst resurfacing works takes place. Construction of the new towpath will be over a 14 week period, with various sections being closed at different times during the works. To plan alternative routes whilst works take place visit our journey planning pages

Unfortunately that is all the detail being given, as the link just takes you to the maps pages.

They do have a map with a little bit of information about the works, but with no useful details.

So the next place to look for this sort of information is the Canal & River Trust web site.
Here a search for any works on the Ashton Canal returns with

No results found

Which isn't very informative either.

So the towpath may be closed at some point for resurfacing work. However it isn't yet clear whether they will be removing the barriers

and the Cyclists Dismount signs

or getting rid of the dangerous cobbled sections.

Time will tell...

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  1. Since March 20, 2021 the path is closed due to Brunswick Mill deemed unsafe.
    The towpath will be closed to all users between Bridge 5, Beswick Street Bridge and Bridge 7a, Joe Mercer Way on the Ashton Canal.
    No alternative provided. Thanks, Manchester and all for making my to-be route to work more dangerous, by forcing me to ride between cars. Just for my "safety".