Sunday, 1 February 2015

Manchester Cycle Forum Dates

Manchester has posted the dates for this year's cycle forums on their web site.

This year the Cycle Forum meetings will be held on:

Tuesday 10th March
Tuesday 16th June
Tuesday 15th September
Tuesday 8th December

However, the time and venue will be confirmed by email. So contact Manchester Council by email to get the updates...


Last year has been a very mixed for the cycle forum in Manchester. It seemed to start out very positive, but the past couple of meeting have been quite depressing and the key Councillor for Velocity, Cllr Luthfur Rahman hasn't even bothered to attend. I have only met him once and his attitude towards cycling seemed pretty negative.

This year there will be a fight to restore the damage being done by Metrolink/TfGM in the city centre and the problems with all the substandard Velocity routes that are being pushed through at the last minute.

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