Thursday, 13 February 2014

Irwell River Path Gate Locked

The Irwell River Path has been closed for over 24 hours now by a gate that has been locked since the wind blew up yesterday.

The gate is at Exchange Quay inder the bridge that carries the tram line over from Pomona.

I found it locked at about 5pm on the 12th.

At about 9am it was still locked,

as it was at around 6pm on the 13th.

This is inconveniencing many commuters who walk or cycle to work along this path along with others who use it for other purposes.

This is not the gate that is locked at 8pm every night...

Salford Council this isn't good enough!

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After poking and prodding Salford Council by severa different routes the path finally reopened some time on Friday. It had been closed for around 48 hours.

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