Saturday 15 February 2014

Irwell River Path Planned Closure


It looks they are replacing the useless lighting along the tow path.

Several of the lampposts have been removed and others look like they are in the process of removal as you can see here.

It's a pity Salford Council don't include the reason for the closure in their notices...


The path has now been closed off

The diversion is out onto the rather busy and unpleasant Ordsall Lane

The other end...

No sign yet of what they are doing

Was going to post this a while back, but it's been on hold with all the other recent goings-on and unofficial river path closures.

A solitary notice appeared on one of the lamp posts by the green bridge. It is quite hard to spot and has been pasted around 3 sides of the hexagonal post making it rather difficult to read. It has not been made available on the Salford Council web site as the highway orders page hasn't been updated for over 6 months now.

The notice closes the highway River Irwell Towpath between Fairbrother Street and Woden Street for a length of 450 metres from the 10th of February and continue for a period of 3 months....

As of yesterday 14th February the path was still open, but be warned it may be closed off soon.

Last time this section was closed off two years ago there was only gardening works taking place.

Woden Street end, the green bridge.

The Fairbrother Street end.

View Path Closure in a larger map

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