Sunday, 31 March 2013

Outwood Trail Closure

The Outwood Trail is closed between Ringley Road West, Outwood and the M60 bridge is closed from the 18th March to 24th May 2013 for resurfacing works.

This is where the path is blocked from the north. This is the site of Ringley Road Station, there is a steep path up to the road on the right.

From the south you are faced with this.

Will post the best alternative route soon - it is part on road.

Unhelpfully, there was no alternative route posted at the route closures.

This is a map of the closure.

View Outwood Trail Closure in a larger map

And here is my suggested alternative route, avoiding most of the muddy bits I found over the weekend.

View Outwood Trail Alternative Route in a larger map

..most of the muddy bits.

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  1. This is good to know as I am taking the Golden Child up that way on the tagalong tomorrow. I'll plan for the diversion.