Monday, 1 April 2013

Manchester's Biggest Bike Route Barrier

There are bike route barriers and bike route barriers....

Here the gates have been left locked along the Irwell.

There are Salford's anti-tandem barriers...

and the path-width ironwork along the Fallowfield Loop.

However they are all tiny compared to the latest cycle route obstruction in Victoria Street. This road was closed to motor vehicles several months ago, but was supposed to remain open for cycles. Since when it has been mostly obstructed by gardens, but this last month Manchester has built what is possibly this country' biggest cycle barrier - a temporary cathedral!

This structure blocks the entire roadway, forcing cycles onto the narrow pavement on either side. There is no provision for bikes at all, so people are simply riding along the pavement.

Manchester City Council have clearly not thought this one through...

And yes it may be April Fools Day, but we get this kind of thing all year round.

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  1. Dave Whyte from TfGM informed me:
    "The Council has a small improvement scheme to create a route for cyclists on the footway adjacent to the River Irwell. This scheme has been signed off and it will be installed imminently - we are just waiting for a window of opportunity that fits with the other works ongoing in this area. This will enable cycliststo pass through the closed section of Victoria Street in both directions. Happy to let you know the definitive date as soon as I have it.

    As previously discussed I will be looking to work with the designers of the permanent scheme (as and when this might happen) to ensure that Victoria Street continues to provide a link from the north of the city centre for cyclists."

    And subsequently:
    "Regarding the cycle route it will be bi-directional on the footway adjacent to the river. It should have been installed by now but has been delayed slightly as a consequence of the works on the temporary cathedral. Once the locations for all its infrastructure / entrances / exits etc are finalised we can proceed with our scheme. I am confident that this should be a matter of weeks."

    This correspondence took place roughly six weeks ago, and having been along there on Saturday I know there was no sign of formal cycle access then.

    As you say, it was certainly stated by the council/TfGM that the route would stay open for cyclists.

    As with all these things I'll believe it when I see it...