Sunday, 17 March 2013

GMCC News - Spring 2013

Hopefully this newsletter will be the first of many, despite efforts by one GMCC member to take over at the last minute and make a dog's breakfast of it all. This individual was so determined to take control that he bombarded me with emails, phone calls and even rang up the printers to try and get it changed. I was so stressed out by it all that I ended up in A&E a few days later.

However, it seems to have been worth the effort and the newsletter gone down well with readers. A big thank you to all the contributors for their writing, photos and advice. When I took a few round local bike shops the staff immediately opened it and started reading. Photos from the second Coffee Cranks Film Night show several people reading it.

In fact the newsletter has been so successful that it has already gone to a second print run to provide more copies to be distributed to bike shops and Cllr Kate Chappell, chair of the Manchester Cycle Forum was so pleased with it she has been handing out copies herself, even giving one to the transport minister....

So here it is, the first of a new era for the GMCC Newsletter, I hope you enjoy it. It has not been uploaded to the GMCC web site, so I have uploaded it to Scribd instead. Unfortunately Scribd cannot handle Courier New font correctly, so page 2 is a bit of a mess, but I hope you get the idea.

We'll be aiming to get the next newsletter out before the end of May, in time for June's events. Please send your contributions to nl(at) Please try and keep them to half a page of text, or less, and include your photos or artwork and your full name and a line to introduce yourself to the readers.

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