Saturday, 28 March 2015

Bridgewater Way, Mosley Rd to Europa Gate via Watersmeet

This is the newly resurfaced part of the Bridgewater Canal route from the back of the Kellogg's Factory to near the container terminal in Trafford Park.This route description joins up with the start of this post; Bridgewater Way, Mosley Rd to the Ship Canal.

Six months ago it looked like this...

Now you can see the engineering work that has gone into repairing the towpath as you head east.

The canal goes under Moss Road.

Someone has forgotten to remove the NO CYCLING signs from this bridge.

It is then a short way to Watersmeet.

You can follow the route south from here on this post The Bridgewater Way - MediaCity to Brooklands.

From here go  left up over the bridge - this is a case of get off and push for most bikes.

Looking back west at the path.

On the other side there is a path being built linking back to Moss Road.

The newly laid path continues north.

A new access ramp has been built by the footbridge and old railway bridge.

The underside of the old railway bridge is quite atmospheric.

The next bridge is under Europa Gate.

Here the new surface ends abruptly with lots of signs saying the path is closed.

The diversion takes you out via this rubbish strewn path

and out onto Europa Way.

It is a short section of canal, but with the cycle tracks in Trafford Park this is a useful link in the traffic free network.

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  1. I rode this section last night on my Brompton - for a new surface it is a disappointment. Whilst the canal bank has been made level, the stone chipping top is loose meaning grip is at a premium on narrow tyres. Surely it should have been compacted into a firm surface before opening?

    Is this a sign that only mountain or fat-wheeled bikes are welcome in Manchester?