Sunday, 15 June 2014

Armadillos - don't believe the hype!

A big thank you to Anthony H on Twitter for keeping us all informed of developments in Camden.

Remember all the hype about how wonderful Camden's new cycle infrastructure was? No, then here are a few reminders....

Camden Cyclists - "Royal College Street has Space for Cycling"

Cycling Weekly - "Segregated cycle lanes using planters and armadillos could spread across Britain"

London Evening Standard - "Rubber blocks and plant boxes keep motorists and bikes apart in new Camden cycle scheme"

Though doubts were raised from the beginning...

Camden New Journal - "Armadillos a failure"

Cycling Weekly - "Camden defends use of cycle lane segregation"

The Alternative Department for Transport - "Armadillos: The Emperor’s New Infrastructure"

Well this cheap plastic infrastructure" continues to degrade and, just as in Salford, it is a complete failure at keeping vehicles out, as these images testify..

So, with Salford Council having gone very quiet about Armadillos, following their "consultation" on the matter, we can but hope that TfGM and Manchester City Council do not waste money on this crap.

Er, well except that they already have plans to do just that....

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