Sunday, 8 September 2013

GMCC News 3 - Autumn 2013

This is the third GMCC newsletter I have put together, and the content is definitely getting better with a wider range of writers and photographers and lots going on in Greater Manchester to write about. Unfortunately, at the moment, it isn't getting any easier and I could do with some help with the diary section in particular *.

This is a packed newsletter, the last 3 months have been very busy, and I ended up dropping some content to avoid going up to 16 pages.

There are several contributions by new writers and photographers, a couple of community projects, two bike arts pieces, and three different views of the Velocity 2025 money and what it means for Manchester.

If you like this newsletter, then join GMCC - it's currently free for the first year, so there is no reason not to and you can receive a full resolution copy of the newsletter in the post.

Update: * Love Your Bike have just started a new Greater Manchester Cycling Events Calendar which will sort out most of the problems I have been having getting this information out of the GMCC web site.

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