Monday 5 March 2012

Irwell River Park - good news and not so good news

The good news is that Irwell River Park part 2 is now clear of the scaffolding that was almost blocking the path between the Regent Road Bridge and the Woden Street Footbridge.

Most of the rubble that had fallen onto the path has been cleared up and wider pedal cycles can now get through without difficulty.

Also the gardening works which had caused unnecessary blockages have now finished, and it is all a lot more pleasant for passing cyclists. The only problem has been for the local sparrows who have been displaced a few yards along into the remaining bushes now their original thicket has been removed.

The bad news is that works have started on Part 1 of the Irwell River Park. The link path from Trafford Wharf Road has been shut for no good reason that I can see,

and the fencing for the building site has been pushed out to narrow the path quite badly. This part can get quite busy at times and they could have left a lot more space.

And there have been problems with the lighting along this stretch too.

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