Friday 16 March 2012

Manchester Cycling Blogs: a case of hiberation or termination?

I tend to delete blogs from my blogroll which have been neglected for many months and have effectively died off.

Amongst the latest candidates for deletion I was somewhat shocked to see Manchester Cycle Chic, with the last post back on Saturday, 19 November 2011 and I started to wonder if something may have gone wrong over the winter. Whilst I've enjoyed cycling to work over the past few months, with only a few days where the tram has taken the strain, others seem to have lost their momentum or have left the area all together.

As a result of a new job, MCRcycling has upped sticks and moved to Chester, and is busy discovering the "delights" of Cycling in Wrexham.

Cycling and other adventures has simply given up, having "seriously fallen out of love with cycling" and "finally given up on cycle advocacy". The author has "given up any pretence of doing any Sustrans Volunteer Rangering ever again." Many of us gave up with Sustrans around 10 years ago when they failed to enforce their own standards. However, more telling perhaps is the comment "So no more talking shop cycle forum meetings where cycle enthusiasts disagree and defend their own on road vs off road agendas and no more Bike Fridays that don’t attract any new riders (sorry Rich)."

Bike Fridays that don't attract any new riders? Personally I am not surprised. I know of no Bike Buddy scheme that has had any significant impact, having watched this type of scheme fail for the past 20 or so years. The last news update on the Love Your Bike web site was posted on November 21, 2011, almost as old as the last Manchester Cycle Chic post.

So, has something gone wrong with cycle blogging in Manchester over the past winter, or do the cycle bloggers of Manchester hibernate, only to reappear refreshed every spring?


  1. Thanks for the mention. Many blogs go through quiet phases, sometimes I will post almost daily and then personal circumstances might mean I go weeks without being able to post anything new.

    A lot of blogs go quiet over the winter months. Some stop riding in winter, others do not enjoy riding in winter in the same way, likely resulting in an absence of blogging inspiration.

  2. I'm active all year round (apart from my current 5 week holiday!)

  3. I definitely lost my momentum with MCR Cycle Chic, and blogging in general, as I've been working seven days a week. Should change soon though.

  4. Ditto here! [Look at the MCRcyclechic editorial team making apologies ;)]

    Problem is sometimes is few of us trying to keep many things going to spur on cycling as a viable means of going from A to B and perhaps we take too much on.

    Now with the end of winter (hopefully) we should get back to a much more active self ;) but we have asked contributions from all manchester cyclists to our flickr group, which we can then share on the blog (with due credits of course!).

    Thanks for the much needed kick up the derrier! ;) But if you would like to help by posting pics on the flickr group we will be much obliged.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mike! I've scheduled a post with it for next Friday. Cheers, L x

    2. Found another one - think it may have already appeared on my blog, but you're welcome to recycle it - from last summer in Picadilly Gardens.

  6. Ok, it hasn't got there yet - Flickr is having problems.

  7. Hi,

    Love your work.

    I've started blogging about riding in and around Manchester - and cycling in general it has to be said. Still developing the blog's personality but try to add something every day.
    Have a look if you like.

    Best, Steve