Sunday, 6 December 2015

Corporation Street Part 2 - heading south...

Part 1 Northbound

Heading south there is a lonely ASL at the junction with Hanover Street. No sign of a feeder cycle lane here.

Next you cross the tram tracks, not too much of a problem here as the crossing is more or less at right angles.

Then a cycle lane appears by the Coop Bank. The lane markings are ambivalent, so not sure if it is supposed to be mandatory or not. It then gets somewhat stranger,

rising to pavement level, presumably to avoid the cost of re-positioning these access covers

returning to road level as the buses swing in from Port Street. From here the cycle lane is definitely advisory, so will be blocked by taxis much of the time.

Again we get these pointless green squares

and an ASL crossing the tram tracks.

As the buses swing left there is this floating cycle lane going straight on

and onto a paved section

which terminates in this idiotic manner.

This last piece of crap design has already been posted several times on Twitter by people angry at this design. It deserves to be posted many more times.

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  1. I walked along this street while in Manchester this weekend. As you predicted by the Printworks, where the cycle lane becomes advisory it is continually blocked by taxis.

    One thing I also realised is how much busier with motor traffic the area is again now that motor vehicle journeys are not restricted. The area seemed to function well enough when the works were ongoing, it is a shame the restrictions weren't kept.

    There is so much space available here, yet it feels so wasted, it could be a really nice area place to walk or cycle through, instead the cycle provision feels like it was an afterthought and the desire lines for walking are impossible to take safely.