Sunday, 6 December 2015

Corporation St, Part 1 - heading north...

With the Exchange Square tram stop opening it's time to review the cycle provision along Corporation street to see if they made any improvements after a meeting held this time last year when we told Metrolink and several local councillors what we thought of their (anti-)cycling plans.

This is the view from Market Street - note the "Tram Only" and no entry signs...

This nasty kink in the kerb looks like the end of the cycle lane that was shown on the original plans.

From here you will be expected to cycle in the 1 metre gap between the kerb and rails,

and wait behind trams at the stop.

As you reach the junction there is this dreadful ASL, which is in any case not technically legal...

As you get alongside the Football Museum there is this advisory cycle lane with crap green squares and an ambulance standing by to deal with the consequences of the next section.

At the junction with Todd Street the cycle lane vanishes, but watch out for the buses that swing left into Todd Street,

and then we reach the most dangerous section. Here you are expected to cross tram lines at a very shallow angle with traffic coming up behind you.

The angle is bad on both tracks, so if the first set doesn't get you, the second one will.

Clearly TfGM/Metrolink couldn't care less...

Part 2 Southbound


  1. I can't help feeling like TfGM *want* to see more cyclists dead on our streets.

  2. Not at all. They want them to give up the bike and pay to use the tram. The tram is the future and you are a heathen for not worshipping at the alter of the Metrolink. Apparently :)