Monday, 25 May 2015

Bridgewater Canal 2 - Throstle Nest Bridge to Waters Meeting

This is the recently resurfaced section from Old Trafford to the canal junction.

From here it is a short distance to Irwell River Park: Part 1 - River Park Quays and Irwell River Park: Part 2 - River Park Central and this links to this post - Bridgewater Way resurfacing preview - Pomona Strand to Castlefield.

There is a cobbled slope down to the towpath on the north bank of the canal.

The canal heads under the road junction and close to Old Trafford.

These barriers mark the location of the Old Trafford Supporters' Club.

On match days I suspect this area is crowded with inebriated fans, but on this occasion it was fairly quiet.

The path is then quite wide and uninterrupted for a while.

However, there are places where it narrows.

I had a boat for company on this ride.

Another narrowing looked like the remains of a tree stump.

There are rises in the path under some of the bridges.

This is the exit onto Europa Gate, the end point of Bridgewater Way, Mosley Rd to Europa Gate via Watersmeet.

Under the disused railway bridge.

Just past there is a new exit to Fraser Place

and new signs....

The last section of path

leads to the bridge at Water's Meet.

From here the options are south or west.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and update. Does this mean that the section of canal path behind old Trafford is now complete? Can we now cycle from Stretford to deansgate via the canal without having to get off at europa?

  2. Sadly the section into Castlefield is pretty dreadful, so you won't get a trike or trailer through.

  3. The section from Throstle Nest Bridge to Castlefield is complete but has too many poor sections for real cycling. I cross over the Trafford Road Bridge and follow the Irwell tow path on the Salford side. It is currently closed by "The Salford Chord" construction after Regents Road for a while. But it is good to get into the city centre from Broadheath, near Altrincham

  4. I've raised the Salford Chord closure with the council as the route has been advertised on their signs at Woden's Footbridge and they haven't indicated any diversions. The issue is being considered by Urban Vision