Friday, 25 April 2014

April Manchester Critical Mass

Despite the wet weather there was quite a good turnout.

This is the first mass of the year setting out in the light, albeit with heavy cloud cover and rain.

The ride was fairly late setting out, but there were plenty of last minute arrivals...

With all the barriers and roadworks the best exit was round to Albert Square again.

The wet weather brought out many full sets of waterproofs.

There were a few occasions where the ride had to stop to reform,

but soon got underway again.

As we turned south down Oxford Road, we saw Reggae Man riding the other way. Sadly he didn't join us.

If anything the ride seemed to get larger as we went on.

Sadly wet weather often brings out the worst in some people...

I left the ride on Moss Lane East as they headed for Hardy's Well.

Music was Hybrid, Soundsystem 01.

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  1. I was meant to come but it was raining I thought no way but I be there this month , thanks for the post