Monday 28 April 2014

Plastic Traffic Islands 1, Armadillos 0

Salford may be desperate to have your opinion of armadillos, but they have been overshadowed by the bigger Jislon plastic traffic islands installed a few days ago.

Whilst the armadillos are almost invisible against the road surface the traffic islands stand out reasonably well despite the poor choice of colour.

Whilst the armadillos are no protection the islands are a better deterrent against drivers.

The only sign of contact with traffic was on this one higher up the hill

which showed signs of being scraped by a lorry tyre.

It is a shame the trial wasn't also run on the other side of the road where drivers frequently block the cycle lane, it would have put both measures to the test.

Further along in Liverpool Street the story is pretty much the same.

The traffic islands seem fairly effective, though one has to wonder how long they would last.

Whilst I don't think the plastic traffic islands are an ideal solution they are far better than the crap armadillos which are no protection against traffic and a danger to people cycling. These islands come with middle sections to make them longer so they could be used to make a totally segregated cycle track.

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  1. Neither of them are going to stop the illegal parking though.