Sunday, 13 March 2016

Portland Street is now open...

According to Manchester City Council, "MCC Highways are satisfied the requisite design processes have been followed to achieve a design that is suitable for implementation and therefore no changes will be made at this stage."

This video was taken early on a Saturday morning, before this area gets really busy - in it I take the line the lanes suggest - not an approach I would recommend.


  1. 3:26 to travel what, 200ft? Literally quicker to walk or get on a bus.

  2. Amazing, that they've managed to combine the qualities of feeling hostile, intimidating and dangerous to people on bikes, while also making it slow, awkward, inconvenient and generally confusing.

    Such a shame that they're going to all this effort and expense of providing protected facilities and roads closed to private motor vehicles down the Oxford Road Corridor, just for people to have to face this (and sharing with trams) when they get into the city centre. It beggars belief.

  3. Fucking hell, that is insanely incompetent.

    And the bit by the taxi rank from around 0:30, what point does that serve other than to box you in by buses and make you have to merge into the carriageway again!

    Muppets whoever designed this.

  4. Quite possibly the scariest bit of cycling I have seen so far. MCC should be ashamed of themselves.