Tuesday 22 March 2016

Secret Cycle Parking at Victoria Station

As many will know the best place to put cycle parking at a railway station is on the platforms behind the ticket barriers, making it both dry and secure, like these at Bristol Temple Meads.

The contrast with Manchester Piccadilly is striking...

However, in the refurbishment of Manchester Victoria Station a little ray of hope has appeared...

A little patch of cycle parking on Platform 3, tucked next to the fence by Platform 2.

It will soon become heavilly overcrowded, but there is plenty of space for many, many more racks.


  1. Will any more cycle racks appear due to user demand, though? Let's not hold our collective breath.....

  2. Except does this mean only people with tickets can use the parking? I used these racks the other day, but the turnstile barriers weren't in operation - no trains were running (I was getting a tram). It did make me wonder if I'd be able to get my bike back later...

    1. Yeah, ideally there should be a mixture - really annoying if you want to use shops etc. before travelling, especially since they've removed the ones that used to be under the veranda bit.