Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What is the point of Green Squares?

What is the point of putting green squares in roads with bikes in them?

I came across these ones in Quinney Cresent a couple of weeks ago. They appear to be the expensive version where green tarmac is sunk into the road surface.

They do nothing to improve conditions for cycling,

and are totally ignored by local drivers.

These green squares are the lowest form of on-road cycle route markings, even worse than substandard cycle lanes and are a complete waste of money.

Unfortunately there is someone in GMCC who thinks these are a good idea and wants to waste even more council money on installing them in Store Street in Manchester. This individual supports some of the the poor quality proposal for this route in the recent Local Sustainable Transport Fund Manchester Cycle Access to Regional Centre consultation which the rest of us rejected.


  1. I've cycled many routes that use the road network. Sustrans put easily missable blue signs on lampposts that result in both cyclists and motorists failing to realise they're on a cycle route. Where a cycle route is using the road, these markings are a good idea.

  2. Green squares highlight the presence of cyclists to other road users. So do cyclists. May as well paint car symbols on the M6. Spend our money wisely please GMCC.