Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Oxford Road - Pavement Driving

It is depressing to walk along Oxford Road sometimes. There are plans for Dutch style cycle routes along the road, but what hope is there when road traffic law is not enforced?

The pavement along Oxford Road is regularly used as a car park by lazy delivery drivers who seem to get away with driving on the pavement.

I fear that when we do get the segregated cycle lanes they will simply become car parks for lazy drivers and drop off areas for taxis.

As was illustrated by this sight further along the road....


  1. Lol, we should pool our collection of Oxford Road/Pavement parkers. It is a disgrace down there. I can "kinda" forgive security drivers, but the rest have no excuse

  2. I think the kerb separated lanes do make it harder for drivers, but you're right to point out that some enforcement is still needed (earlier today: http://i.imgur.com/qBjTVJ5.jpg ).

    For my part, I'm even more riled by the situation outside my daughter's school just off the Oxford Road corridor slightly further south. There, because the road isn't quite wide enough (due to parked cars), parents routinely drive down a pavement full of small children. Outside a primary school at dropping off time. It beggars belief. But the police argue that it's a "parking issue", so it's the council's problem, and the council do nothing.

    1. Start videoing the behavior - the police will soon turn up - and tell you to stop filming...