Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Warwick Road - pushing cycling onto the pavement

What do you do when a cycle lane gets in the way of increasing the level of on-road parking right outside Trafford Town Hall? You look for help from your local partners of course.

"Using funding of £410k from Sustrans Links to School grant and £600k from Trafford Council Section 106 contributions," you "improve" conditions for pedestrians and cyclists by shoving the bike lane onto the pavement. Of course increasing the number of on-road parking spaces is a great way to encourage cycling.

This is part of the "Old Trafford Cycle Link" or NCN Route 55. Look at this image of the junction of Barlow Road and Warwick Road from Google Maps

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Notice how the cycle lane continues past the junction, unlike the map view which shows a set of parking spaces in place of the cycle lane.

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These photos, taken back in June, tell the sorry story.

The old cycle lane's white line has been scratched out and has been replaced by a line which moves outward to the width of the new car parking spaces which replace the cycle lane. The pavement edge has then been dropped and bikes are now supposed to go onto a fairly busy pavement.

Bikes are then supposed to cross Hornby Road using this dubious crossing,

only to rejoin the road a few yards later at the approach to a busy road junction.

The inevitable cyclists dismount sign marks the end of the on-pavement part.

A passing cyclist takes the more sensible route, staying well out in the road to avoid being hit by car doors.

Still at least the Town Hall now has a few more useful parking spaces.

(If you think this is bad then go and have a look at Warwick Road South.)

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  1. Shocked! (not).

    Did any cyclists actually ask for this shared foot/cycle path compromise here? Who made this planning decision? Could this actually constitute a conflict of interest I wonder?

    We deserve answers although I doubt any would be forthcoming *sigh*

  2. Town Halls get lots of our money to encourage cycling but they are always very generous when providing free or subsidised parking for their own employees.

    Even many 'cycling officers' at councils don't cycle.

  3. That is absolutely pathetic. There is plenty of land around there to park cars on, why does it have to be in the road?