Thursday, 15 December 2011

Irwell River Park - Width Restriction Update

The situation along here has got much worse. There are now three sets of scaffolding here, forcing people on bikes to ride over the docks metalwork, so quite dangerous. Even more worrying is the amount of rubble which has fallen onto the path, including broken bricks and mortar. This clearly isn't a safe place to be when the construction site is running.

UPDATE - some photos (yes it was snowing on Friday morning)

This machine is causing the damage

These bricks had come down all over the path the previous evening - they had been pushed back under the scaffolding by the morning.

and the path is now very narrow.

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  1. I live opposite all of this, I keep meaning to look up the planning permission to see what's taking the place of the empty industrial units that were on the other side of that wall...