Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Michael Hartmann - car-walking

Michael Hartmann confronted truly horrific levels of pavement parking in Munich by ‘car walking’ and then went on to challenge motorists sole right to the road by waking in the road to slow the traffic..

He started this in 1988 and it resulted in numerous arrests, time in jail, time in hospital and being sent for psychiatric testing twice. He responded by saying that he wouldn’t stop and that he was the one who was sane. He also got a lot of publicity and was sent many letters of support.

Pavement parking isn't quite that bad in Manchester at the moment. If anything things seem to be a bit better now on Sundays in the city centre with the new parking restrictions.

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  1. Oh the irony! On googling Michael Hartmann I came across the following wiki:
    http://wikipedia.qwika.com/de2en/Michael_Hartmann_(Autogeher) the advert accompanying the entry was proudly showing BMW cars.