Sunday, 30 October 2011

Irwell River Park: Part 3 - River Park City

Parts 1 & 2 of the Irwell River Park are quite rideable for the most part, but travelling north into part 3 it all gets a bit difficult...

(Since these photos were taken there has been a cociderable amont of work on the route, including a new bridge - update to follow....)

The best that can be said is bits of it are being built, but most, if not all of it is unsuitable for anyone on wheels.

I tried to follow the route on foot back in August. The first section as you take the right fork just before Prince's Bridge looks good.

However, the path soon degrades as you go under the railway bridges.

Once under Prince's bridge you go up over the entrance to the Manchester, Bolton & Bury canal

and down onto a mud path

which narrows and becomes engulfed in bracken.

Then under the Irwell Street Bridge the path is narrow and uneven

and whilst it then improves, the path goes up a set of steps to get round the Mark Addy

where the pavement doubles up as a car park.

Across the road there was building work going on and the way was blocked.

Further up by Trinity Bridge the path is wide and well surfaced,

but ends in steps up to Blackfriars Bridge.

From trying to interpret a presentation on the park web site there are plans for another bridge at this point crossing over onto a path on the east side of the river flying above this section.

Then just north of Victoria Street Bridge, a new pedestrian bridge will cross back over to the west bank

and into the new Greengate development where work is underway.

The result should look something like this...

Finally there will be a crossing over Chapel Street and the long Greengate bridge under the railway will have a wide segregated path.

The River Park City section finishes somewhere before Greengate hits the ring road.

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  1. -that architects view doesn't show anyone on a bicycle. Presumably they came by other forms of transport.

    -while bits of this path would make a good urban MTB route, that's nice to have as an option, not the only safe commute

    -there must be a lot of S.106 funding coming out from the building works. You should find out which bit of the council is getting it, as it doesn't seem to be going into improving foot or cycle access

  2. I tried to use this the other day to return home with my kids from the peoples history mususm.

    There is no signage and as a results we just rode along trinity way, where at least there is a cycle lane.

    I am really annoyed that the new bridge over the Irwell is still cordoned off as well.

  3. Perhaps manchester counicl could take a look at

    and see how the professions make a city you want to live in