Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Mancunian Way

There is something about cycling on closed roads, more so motorways. Today the Mancunian Way was closed again.

Last time Northwest is Best and Jim both went for a ride - this time I went for a nose around.

This time Manchester City FC used the photo from Northwest is Best for their travel warning without asking the owner...


Update, MCFC have removed the image from their page, but it can still be found on their server here.

One moment the traffic and the noise,

next the road is all yours.

I wasn't the only one on a bike taking a look, though this one went off at the slip road.

Time for a short ride...


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  1. I had the good fortune to be able to cycle down a few miles of new motorway near Newcastle before it opened - and it was hilly :¬) It was awesome, looked like a scene from a movie and was great having the whole road to cycle down.