Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why has there been 14 months of inaction on the Irwell Towpath in Ordsall?

Has my ranting and raving on Twitter finally forced some action on the Irwell Towpath?

This path has been closed since December 2015

This morning was the first time in 14 months I have seen work being carried out on the path.

Rubble was being lifted into the area of the collapsed path and raked into position.

On returning this evening it was clear that this was not a long term repair of the towpath but a short term cludge.

Bags of rocks have been placed in the river to provide an outer edge and rubble has been put in between the bags and the remaining path to build the area up towards path level.

The fact that this is a short term measure begs the question as to why it has take over 14 months to get this far?


  1. Combine this with the break due to the ordsall chord bridge and you've got a virtually useless route. If it were a road it'd be fixed in days

  2. That looks and sounds like a really low rate bodge, it'll be lucky to last to the end of the year.
    As for the timescale to fix this and other issues e.g. the ordsall chord, the demolition of the building alongside the bridgewater and it quickly becomes apparent how the authorities view cyclists.

  3. Tried to use the path yesterday. It's progressed no further than your last photo - still shut! The whole route is overgrown, graffiti covered, unwelcoming mess that Salford should be ashamed of.

  4. Still in the same state as your photos. Grass is growing there now