Sunday, 17 January 2016

Corporation Street CYCLISTS DISMOUNT

It just gets worse in Corporation Street.

Two DISMOUNT signs have turned up in Corporation Street on both sides of the road outside W.H. Smiths.

On both sides pathetic little tarmac ramps have been added, presumably this is to help you push your bike onto the pavement.

On the southbound side the ramp is quite dangerous as it forces anyone who continues cycling alongside the pavement into the tram tracks.

This chap clearly had other ideas about how to proceed...

There are other new signs in the area. To the north of Exchange Square station signs have appeared clearly indicating that cycling is allowed along here.

This probably explains the panic measures on the south side of the station.

The planning of the Second City Crossing has been an absolute disaster for cycling. Metrolink claim they consulted cycling organisations, but there is no sign at all that they have listened.

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