Saturday, 31 October 2015

Station Cycle Parking - Crewe

On my way home from Chester recently I changed trains at Crewe.

Whilst waiting for my connection I discovered that this station has plenty of cycle parking - on the platforms.

There is the usual disclaimer notice,

but the facilities provided look pretty good.

This cycle parking is provided on a number of platforms.

It is secure and under cover,

and for bonus points...

there is a pump

and a maintenance stand

provided by the local council and Virgin trains.

Sadly, such facilities are not provided at Manchester Piccadilly station. Here the attitude is totally different.

All the cycle parking is outside with no cycle parking at all on the platforms, despite the large area which could be used for cycle parking between platform 10 and 11.


  1. Active Travel Crewe are very proud of the lobbying for the cycling facilities on Crewe station. It came about from DFT Local Sustainable Transport Funding (LSTF). We wish we could have got more, most went on a bus and consultants. The pump and stands are from Cycle hoop. Stafford and stoke have even better facilities, and the northern line up to formby has secure parking on every station I think.

  2. In December 2013 I asked TfGM why Manchester Piccadilly had no secure cycle parking, when even the smaller local stations have the BLUC scheme lockers. I received the following reply.

    "Thank you for your e mail on the subject of Bike Lockers at major rail stations. The location and indeed design of our lockers are governed by what are termed TRANSEC regulations that relate to safety and security issues. The larger stations in Central Manchester are Category A stations in terms of security and the British Transport Police will not allow bike lockers at these stations in case somebody were to place a bomb inside them and detonate such a bomb remotely. This is an unfortunate reflection of the times in which we live."

    Of course, I'm not bothered about lockers per se. I just want somewhere secure and dry to leave my bike. And it should be inexpensive and easily accessible, unlike the Cycle Hub, which Manchester frittered its cycling funding on, and which is closed from 5pm at the weekends.

    This parking at Crewe looks great - simpler to use than lockers - and it's a crying shame Manchester, with all its funding, is behind once again.