Saturday 13 December 2014

Trafford Park Tram Plans - cycle routes will be closed for months

After some fuss trying to get the plans for the Trafford Park Metrolink out of TfGM I was sent an email containing a link to a complete set of plans online.

Why on earth TfGM didn't put a link on the notices I don't know, but there has been no publicity about these plans that I have seen beyond the paper notices.

There is good news and dreadful news on these plans.

The good news is the track alignment may have improved for cycling as most routes look like they will cross the track at right angles in more places.

The dreadful news is that most of the cycle routes will be closed for many months during construction work. For example, not only are the access paths being closed, this whole section of the towpath will be shut for the construction work.

The tram lines will smash their way through Sam Platts pub, and demolish the Wharfside Business Centre and the factory adjacent to Quay West. This is different from the original alignment in the consultation which would have run along the road.

Will update as I work my way through the details...


  1. Tracks around Trafford Centre and IWM don't appear to cross at right angles. The depiction of cycle routes on the maps is poor. Looks like the long standing cycle path on Barton Dock Road will be wiped out by Peel Circle changes.

  2. A good news and dreadful news on these plans. Lets see what will happen Trafford Park Tram. Gatwick Parking