Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tyldesley & Roe Green Loopline Closed

A colleague at work found his route to work along the Roe Green and Tyldesley Looplines blocked a couple of weeks ago, with no explanation.

The closure runs all the way from Worsley Station to Tynebank in Wallden.

He wasn't best pleased at having to carry his bike out onto the surrounding very busy road.

The closure notices finally appeared after two weeks.

It seems Urban Vision and Salford Council don't think that people cycling need to be given advanced warning along the route, giving them time to work out how they are going to navigate the surrounding roads. After all we don't all read their web site just in case our route to work is being closed.


  1. I raised this with Urban Vision when I had the same problems at the southern end, including the lack of visibility of those fences in the dark. To give them credit they did react to the points raised including altering the layout of the site fencing so that cyclists could get on/off the railway route without a long flight of stairs.
    I shouldn't have had to raise what I would expect to be common sense points, but they did at least react unlike other local authorities in the area.
    Some idiot at the southern end has seen fit to tear the closure map from the fencing over the weekend.

  2. Should add that the closure is actually to improve the condition of the path surface to a standard as good as that up from Monton according to Urban Vision.

  3. Open now (sort of). The new surface is fantastic! Reclaimed tarmacy stuff.