Monday 6 May 2013

Outwood Trail Resurfacing - a sneak preview

The Outwood Trail is due to officially open on 24th May.

However, today the barriers had been pushed back and several people were getting a preview of the work done so far.

The new cycling surface is really smooth and well laid.

There are some strange bits where the cycle path goes off to one side to leave room for a separate horse path.

And some bits of wood lying around...

About two thirds of the route has been laid to tarmac so far.

The tarmac runs out just short of the "Trinity" sculpture.

Trinity is a memorial to the navies that lost their lives during the construction of the railway. The sculpture uses the symbolic language of flowers which was common during the Victorian period when the railway cutting was created. The column has rusted over time making the sculpture part of the natural environment, and a symbolic representation of a tree, at home in the surrounding woodland.

The hardcore also runs out in the last section at the north end and there are pools of water here too.


All in all, the work so far looks really promising, and it will be really good when it's finished.


  1. Im sorry about this but I ride my bike through outwood and have always enjoyed it but so much tarmac looks like a good ride spoiled if we want to ride on do much tarmac we would get a road bike and ride in traffic.

    1. Re comment by anonymous 11/05/2013 17:53

      I understand where you're coming from, however I ride the Outwood Trail as a commuter into Manchester (from Bolton) and the tarmac surface, I hope, will allow me to use this route all year round. Previously I would not have contemplated using the Outwood Trial in the dark even with a good set of lights.

      My commute will now be a guaranteed 6 miles out of 12 away from traffic throughout the year.

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  3. They paved paradise, put in a cycle path! This is very sad and a waste of money if it's for cyclists (which I am, by the way). I assumed it was to give wheelchair access to the countryside - that would have some justification but will it be fully accessible from a car park?

  4. It's fantastic. The route was a mess. Good for a weekend ride but rubbish to commute.

  5. I know this is an old post now, but as someone who'd never heard of, never mind cycled, the trail until recently I thought I'd comment.

    These photos look great but it looks like nothing else has been done for the last two years. I rode it on Sunday and although a nice ride it's overgrown, muddy and uncared for once you've passed Ringley Road. I wouldn't like to commute along it these days. Even the Radcliffe end of it is looking sorry for itself, with the ramp and steps leading up to the viaduct all mossy and clagged with weeds.

    As for people complaining about it being Tarmac, why not just ride on the alongside bridleway if you want the off road experience? Not everyone wants to get to their destination looking like they've just wrestled in mud. There was someone riding a horse on the cycle path part of it on Sunday so it seems no one bothers keeping people to the 'correct' sides