Monday, 7 January 2013


TfGM's city centre cycle hub goes from bad to worse. Not content with the no bikes allowed through this door notice on the street level entrance they have now added a new notice on the bike entrance.

Unbelievably it is a CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign on the car park vehicle ramp.

This is a normal car entrance ramp, which, if it is safe enough for cars it should be safe enough for bikes. There is even a cycle lane painted in green down the ramp.

One wonders what madness brought this about, or is it just the anti-cycling officers up to their usual tricks.

The last message I got from a fellow cycle campaigner said that less than 1/5th of the hub spaces have been taken, so this half-a-million pound flagship project is increasingly looking like a waste of money.



March Critical Mass we cycled past the car park entrance and the sign has been removed...

Someone had had words...


  1. Oh they want me to get off my bike and walk down this smooth looking concrete in these shoes? *looks down at flat soled smooth plastic cleated cycle shoes* I fear this may end badly. I might go and pay them a visit. If I put my back out, it might pay for a holiday

  2. The sign's back. Wouldn't be surprised if this place was closed in the next few years, lack of maintenance for the whole hub resulting in doors often not working!

  3. The sign's back. There must be little to no maintenance budget for the hub as things often aren't working (it's not unusual to arrive at the entrance to find a few people on either side of the door waiting for someone to come and manually open the door)

    I've complained to tfgm about a few issues on several occasions and have been completely ignored!

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    2. The hub at Media City is never more than 10% full. Both projects have failed.