Thursday, 9 August 2012

"Why Bradley Wiggins is so wrong"

From the Road Danger Reduction Forum.

But first that embarasing moment when he calls for people to wear helmets so that cyclists who are killed can't be blamed...

Why should we give a platform to racing cyclists on cycle safety any more than we would give a platform for F1 racing drivers on car safety?

Why Bradley Wiggins is so wrong: Part One: Sport, Transport and Role Models

Why Bradley Wiggins is so wrong: Part Two: “Road safety” ideology and the culture of cyclist subservience

Why Bradley Wiggins is so wrong: Part Three: Should cyclists be allowed to wear helmets?

“Disaster waiting to happen”: The London Bike Hire Scheme and why Bradley Wiggins was so wrong (Part Four)

3 minutes into this he slags off "Boris" bikes and the people who ride them. He seems to be on the side of the drivers in London...

Kivilev and how Bradley Wiggins gets it so wrong (Part Five)

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