Monday, 13 August 2012

Salford's Bridge Barrier Design

Local councils seem to be free to dream up all kinds of idiotic barrier designs to try and put people off cycling. Salford council seems to have a unique brand of bridge barrier which I came across on Sunday.

These two bridges are both part of National Cycle Network Route 6, but both of them are marked on the Salford Cycling Map as footbridges where you should get off and walk.

You would be hard pressed to get a tandem though this barrier, let alone a handcycle or trike!

The National Cycle Network is a bad joke, particulally for people who cannot ride a conventional bicycle. It's time that this country stopped pissing about with discriminatory token gestures and started taking cycling as transport seriously.

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  1. Great consideration of Other types of bikes. I am always trying to go cycling with my friend who uses a hand cycle and it's not easy.

  2. They're awkward with a child seat on the back of the bike as well.

    Ni on impossible with the kids in a trailer