Monday, 20 June 2011

Is this the narrowest cycle lane in Greater Manchester?

This was a "WTF" moment this morning.

Salford Council are responsible for this one.

This is a cycle lane painted on the westbound side of A57, Eccles New Road in Salford.

Yes it really is narrower than the double yellow lines, and yes it really is intended to be a cycle lane, here is the beginning... this is NCN 55.

and here is where it goes from narrow to WTF?

Notice how you are trapped between a traffic island and a dangerous barrier.

It even continues like this across the junction with Howard Street.

I have emailed the cycling officer,, and sent copies of these photographs in the hope that this facility has been incorrectly painted...

and it is just as bad at this point eastbound.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map



The cycling officer has replied saying he will look into this lane.

Meantime I have found the Department for Transport's design guidance document which says on the topic of cycle lanes...


Cycle lane widths

A cycle lane offers cyclists some separation
from motor traffic. Under the National Cycle Training
Standards, cyclists are trained to ride in a safe
position in the carriageway which is usually at least
1 metre from the kerb edge to avoid gulley grates and
debris, and to ensure that they are within the
sightlines of drivers waiting at side roads.

Cycle lanes should be 2 metres wide on
busy roads, or where traffic is travelling in excess of
40 mph. A minimum width of 1.5 metres may be
generally acceptable on roads with a 30 mph limit. For
cycle feeder lanes to advanced stop line
arrangements, a minimum width of 1.2m may be
acceptable. Cycle lanes less than 1.2 metres wide
cannot easily accommodate tricycles or child­carrying
cycle trailers wholly within the lane.


  1. Yikes. That's what I would call a 'bum wobbler'.

  2. did you get a response to this from Lee? It was still the same a few months ago. Stupid.