Thursday, 5 May 2011

Crap cycling in East Lancashire

A posting from A Grim North reveals yet more anti cycling measures on nearby Sustrans routes. This one is NCN route 92...

Just north of Whitworth I picked up route 92 again, but only stuck with it for about 1 mile before returning to the road. Too circuitous and far too many obstructions – I think there were 6 kissing gates in 1 mile! For me this is a footpath, not a cycle path – I certainly didn’t get on wheels to stop every few minutes to lift my bike over an obstacle!

I really do wonder how Sustrans can take pride in their work when they are installing such blatent anti-cycling measures.


  1. not usually sustrans, but local councils thinking they are needed

  2. I've heard of occasional incidents of barriers being sabotaged. I like to think of this as "positive vandalism," increasing the function of the facility compared to its pre-vandalised parameters.

  3. @SteveL ...and the occasional Sustrans Ranger who thinks they are needed - even in locations where a motorcycle is as likely to appear as Elvis might in Tescos ;>D

    (not kidding. I've sat in a room and listened to him - a lovely bloke/cyclist too, apart from his fetish with obstructions!)